Solar PV Panels

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity that can be used for free in your home, Solar PV only requires light and not direct sunlight to generate green energy.

How Solar PV Panels Work

How Solar PV works in your home


Energy from the sun hits the Solar PV panels; this causes a reaction, the result of which is a direct current (DC) of electricity.


This DC current is then fed to an inverter. The inverter changes the Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC). This is the type of electricity that is used in our homes. In fact under the Government’s Feed-In-Tariff Scheme you will receive fixed amount per Kwh electricity you produce, whether you use it or not.


The AC current is then fed through the meter in your home.


The electricity produced is used in your home and can power your TV, fridge, lights etc, meaning you won’t be paying the energy companies for your electricity.


If you are out or not using any electricity, any extra electricity is automatically fed back to the National Grid. Any electricity you sell back to the national grid will earn you additional income on top of the Feed-In Tariff that you are already being paid.

Why Install Solar PV Panels?About the Feed in Tariff

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