Voltage Optimisers

OptiVolt - A new generation of
Budget Voltage Optimisers

The OptiVolt 60 and OptiVolt 100 are full load 60 and 100 Amp Voltage Optimisers. With no need for by-passes, the units are built to cope with full domestic and small commercial loads.

3 tappings allow the installer to select the correct reduction for the incoming supply, maximising savings. Both the OptiVolt 60 and the OptiVolt 100 can be installed independently or in conjunction with our Solar PV Panels to offer further energy savings.

Designed to achieve payback in the quickest time possible, the OptiVolt 60 and OptiVolt 100 are affordable units that simply drop the voltage as shown below:

Advantages of our OptiVolt Voltage Optimisers >

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